I'm going to JavaOne 2017 from 30th Sep to 6th Oct

www.oracle.com I’m going to San Francisco from 30th Sep to 6th Oct to participate in JavaOne Conference 2017. This is the third time to join JavaOne from Japan. I will go to AppDev Appetizers and Drinks on Oct 1st and JCP Party & Awards Ce…

JDK 9 GA date is moved to 21 September

Proposed schedule change for JDK 9 JDK 9 GA date is moved out by eight weeks, from 27 July to 21 September. Because Jigsaw was voted against on the public review, so it needs public review ballot again. JavaOne is held from 1 October to 5 …

Translation of InfoQ's "JCP EC Votes against the Java Platform Module System"

This is a good article about Jigsaw in Java 9. www.infoq.com I’m an official translator in InfoQ Japan, so I’ve translated this article into Japanese. www.infoq.com